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The Front Cover for Steps To Salvation!

I am so excited to have received the final front cover art from Kia Heavey this morning. We are getting so close to publication and release!

Next week: final edits, back cover completion, and uploading to the publishing company so please stay tuned. And if you’re looking for a graphic designer, visit Kia Heavey’s site here.


Virtual Tour of King Herod’s Temple Mount

Today I found this excellent recreation of King Herod’s Temple, which is the model for The Temple Mount of the One God Religion in Steps To Salvation. In Step Three, Mr. Bauer and the 2415 graduates of the Race Unity Regional High School will visit The Temple Mount of the One God Religion where they’ll discover The Rock of Abraham, The Arc of the Covenant, The Twelve Commandments and The Twelve Holidays.

Check it out.

Welcome to my new blog!


Hello and thanks for stopping by. My name is Shlomo Attia and I am the author of the forthcoming novel, Steps To Salvation. Due out in March of 2014, this book has been the driving force behind everything I do since a nearly fatal motorcycle accident sent me to The Other Side in 2003. For more about me and my story, click here.

I’m still developing my blog and social media sites while preparing my manuscript for publication so I’ll hope you’ll stop by often to check on my progress. Once the book is released, I’ll be sharing more in-depth commentary about my concepts for inexpensive energy, education, food, medicine and money — including my idea for a Citizens Lottery System created by my main character Eyal Grad, Prime Minister of Israel. I have plans to make detailed videos, publish daily blog content, talk about the Steps To Salvation in various media outlets and share my thoughts in person through speaking engagements.

I’ll be sure to keep my readers updated on all events and interviews as we move ahead. Until then, feel free to contact me here if you have any questions or would like to get in touch with me.

Looking forward to engaging in thoughtful discussion with you!