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Talking Steps To Salvation at Tropical Acres

I enjoyed having the opportunity to speak to everyone who came out to Tropical Acres to support Steps To Salvation last Saturday night. Here’s the first of two videos taken by Boris Balaban. In this one, I talk about my motorcycle accident, near death experience, the evolution of my novel and what all of us must do to bring Salvation to earth.


Author Brooke Musterman reviews Steps To Salvation

I am very grateful to Reptiles on Caffeine author and blogger Brooke Musterman for the review she posted on her blog, Reptilian Rantings. Please visit Brooke’s blog to read the whole thing but here’s an excerpt:

Don’t let the title deceive you. I can almost guarantee it is not what you are thinking. This is not your mother’s salvation book. The salvation is referring to our country. This intricately woven tale merges with history and current events seamlessly.

Set in the futureSteps to Salvation talks about a time when society was ruled by their reptilian brains. It is both chaotic and scary. Personal freedom is replaced by corruption in all areas.

Given the state of current events, I’d say corruption is running rampant in the End Days. That’s one reason why I can’t wait to get out and talk about my ideas. I am looking forward to being on Family Power Hour this Wednesday and to my book launch event at Tropical Acres on Saturday, July 5. Please stay tuned because we’re planning multiple interviews and events in the coming weeks.