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‘Thought Provoking, Viable Solutions to Real World Problems’ – One Supreme Goddess Reviews Steps To Salvation

Thank you to One Supreme Goddess of The for this review of my book:

“Many of us believe that we have all the answers to the world’s problems, but not many of us can put those thoughts and ideas into words, let alone create a workable plan.  With the help of Daria DiGiovanni, Shlomo has done just that with his new book, Steps To Salvation.

With the interesting, entertaining and creative vehicle of combining current event and past history with fiction, he’s taken his ideas and created an environment that brings them to a viable life in a very entertaining way.

While some may take exception to Shlomo’s idea of visiting the sins of our ancestors on their future generations, he has created a very interesting way for families of infamous and often vile individuals like Adolph Hitler and Charles  Manson to not only atone for the sins of the past but by admitting and understanding what happened, learning from the past and through the good character and deeds  of the generations that follow, to eventually somewhat redeem their family names.

Shlomo has offered up many thought provoking and seemingly viable, solutions to real world problems such as inexpensive ways to produce food, ways to keep politicians from becoming corrupt power mongers and he has even presented a way to resolve not only overcrowded prisons but actually  rehabilitating criminals by allowing them to chose to be productive citizens, to name just a few.

Whether you agree with his ideas or not, Shlomo weaves a very interesting and thought provoking story that combines many interesting ideas, current events, history and fiction in a very entertaining way and isn’t that what we all seek in an enjoyable read.”

Visit her blog here. The book will be available soon. Stay tuned.