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“Steps To Salvation may be a genre unto itself..”

So says reader Steve in his Amazon review:

Steps to Salvation may be a genre unto itself. A combination of history, political science, economics, religion, science fiction and humor makes Shlomo Attia’s novel unique. Through the introduction to and examination of many influential figures from throughout the ages, we come to understand how the world came to be the dysfunctional mess it is today. The time has come for a group of special individuals to lead the world into a new age and prepare it for what’s to come. What is to be done about the problems of poverty and hunger, violence and crime, justice and punishment, conflict over religious differences? See what happens when the restraints of collectivism are cast off and mankind is free to pursue individual endeavors without the burdens of large over-reaching governments. Some revolutionary ideas and a bit of Divine intervention soon have us taking our first steps to salvation.

I’m thankful for more positive feedback from readers and look forward to seeing much more in the near future. By the way, Steps To Salvation will also be available in Kindle and all e-reader formats shortly. You can also purchase it as an e-book or paperback on

Steps To Salvation is Published!

I am pleased to announce that after several years in the making, my novel Steps To Salvation is finally published in paperback format on and on!

Please visit my book page here to purchase or my Amazon page here.

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